Manual Precision Drum plug torque wrench - For 3/4 inch Hexagon Plugs

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This precision drum plug torque wrench (bung tightener and opener) is used for 3/4 inch Hexagon head metal drum plugs.

Specifications : Has a dial to adjust torque, reversible ratchet mechanism and spark resistant head. For use on 3/4" (19mm) metal plugs - Hexagon head.

Features : The drum plug bung wrench has reversible operation for opening and closing the plugs. Light weight design, ergonomic handle for ease of operation

Usage : Operator needs to set the direction (opening / closing) and also the desired torque. Then place the wrench head on the drum plug and start tightening the drum plug using ratchet mechanism of drum bung tightener. When the set torque is reached, the handle will slip with a click sound. Hence, you get the same tightening torque every time irrespective of operator. By reversing the switch the same tool can be used as bung opener.

Note : Operator should use the drum bung wrench (tightener / opener) on the drum bung / drum plug for which it is designed.