2" Plastic Snap-On Capseal For Mauser Plastic Drum 90mm

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This plastic capseal has an outside diameter of 3.5 inch (inside diameter 88mm) and is a full plastic cap-seal designed to be used on plastic HDPE drums and plastic barrels of Mauser and similar drums.

Specification : These cap seals have a scored tamper evident tear away tab that ensures that the cap seal has to be destroyed to remove it. Made from virgin PP (Polypropylene) plastic granules, they are fully recyclable. Suitable for plastic drums and barrels having a flange of around 84mm to 87mm diameter mcp200.

Features : The scored tear away tab ensures security of the drum content in storage and transportation against adulteration and theft. These plastic drum cap seals are push-to-fit type and don't require a crimping tool.

Also referred to as 86mm, 87mm, 88mm, 89mm, 90mm, Deloc XII Mauser, and 3.5 inch seal sizes.