Vented 2" Steel Capseal With Corner Gasket - White

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This vented 2" plain white steel capseal is a full metal cap-seal with a corner gasket and has 70mm diameter. It is compatible to drums and other containers having 2" (50mm) round head flange. It has Vent Hole on top surface for release of excess pressure when used with Vented drum plugs / bungs.

Specifications : It is made from tinplate and tin-free steel sheets of 0.28 to 0.3 mm thickness for optimum sealing result. Top surface is double white coated and inner surface is lacquered to avoid corrosion. Inner edge has a gasket for good contact with flange. Ears and scored lines ensure that capseal has to be destroyed before removal.

Features : This capseal has optimal scoring for smooth tear-off. Packaging : 500 pieces per box.

Usage : This capseal can be applied on steel, plastic HDPE and composite drums with our 2" pneumatic and manual crimping tools (Part No. and ) and can be removed with our cap-seal remover tool (Part No. )

Note : Metal Cap Seal for 210 litre / 55 gallon Drums : 2" (50 mm) plug - capseal outer diameter 70 mm