Crimp-On Pull Out Spout for Plastic And Steel Containers

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This Crimp On 63mm Spout is compatible to plastic and steel containers. It has a tamper evident plastic top cover and also a tear out diaphragm to ensure product integrity.

Specifications : It has a 32mm orifice (opening) with 10 anti-glug tabs to ensure smooth pouring of the content. It is compatible with containers having 63mm opening. A crimping tool is required to crimp the spout on container. The pull out opening has a foldable and reusable design.

Features : This international quality 63 mm spout gives two level tamper-evident security against counterfeiting and manipulation and gives your drum and pail content unmatched security. The pull out opening with anti glug tabs provides optimal full control.

Usage : Operator has to place the 63mm Spout on the container opening and then push it downwards to snug fit the Spout. Then use a manual or pneumatic Spout Crimping Tool to crimp the spout on container.