Rieke Flexspout Removal Tool - Heavy Duty

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This Rieke Flexspout Removal tool is compatible to Rieke Flexspout II, FS-10 series, FS-10-10-231, FS-10-6-300, PFA-22, PFA-32 & similar 63mm spouts and 70mm crimp-on spouts. For use on metal and plastic drums, pails and other containers.

Specifications : The Flexspout removal tool has complete steel body, ergonomic handle with plastic knob for better grip, light weight and rugged design.

Features : This international quality M-66 Flexspout removal tool, when used correctly, can remove the spout from the pail (or any container) without damaging the opening of the pail.

Usage : Operator has to place the Flex-Spout removal tool on the crimped spout on the pail with the handle in vertical position, then move the handle towards horizontal position till the FlexSpout comes off of the container.