Manual Spout Crimping Tool For Unigrip Spout

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This Manual Unigrip Spout Sealing tool is compatible to UNI-GRIP 60C Spout, UNI-GRIP Self Vent Anti-Glog Spout and similar 60mm and 70mm spouts. For use on metal and plastic drums, pails and other containers.

Specifications : The spout sealing tool has complete steel body, 18 steel jaws which are hardened and zinc plated, ergonomic aluminum knobs on handle for better grip, light weight and rugged design.

Features : This international quality spout crimper gives tamper-proof sealing that gives your drum content unmatched security.

Usage : Operator has to place the Unigrip Spout on the drum flange and then place the spout sealing tool on the spout. Then bring the two handles down in horizontal position to crimp the spout on the drum.