Pneumatic Crimping Tool For Unigrip Spout

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This Pneumatic Unigrip Spout Sealing tool is compatible to UNI-GRIP 60C Spout, UNI-GRIP Self Vent Anti-Glog Spout and similar 60mm and 70mm spouts. For use on steel and plastic drums, pails and other containers.

Specifications : The pneumatic spout sealing tool has high grade Aluminum body, 18 steel jaws which are hardened and zinc plated, light weight and rugged design.

Features : This international quality pneumatic crimper gives tamper-proof sealing that gives your drum content unmatched security against adulteration and theft.

Usage : The operator has to place the pneumatic spout capsealing machine on the Unigrip spout and press the tool downwards which will automatically seal the spout on the container.
Optional Accessories : Spring balancer, Spiral hose.
Note : We recommend to use this tool with F.R.L. (Filter Regulator Lubricator) unit in air supply line.

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