2" Plastic Capseal For SCHUTZ IBC Tote Lid Screw Cap

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This 2" plastic capseal is a full plastic cap-seal designed to be used on SCHUTZ IBC Tote lid screw cap and similar plastic HDPE containers.

Specification : These cap seals have a scored tear away tab that ensures that the cap seal has to be broken off to remove it. Made from virgin PP (Polypropelene) plastic granules, they are fully recyclable.

Features : The scored tear away tab ensures security of the IBC Tote content in storage and transportation. These cap seals are push-to-fit type and don't require a crimping tool.

For use on Schutz IBC Tote Screw Cap Lids and G2" Plug for security of content of the IBC Tote and other storage containers.