Plastic Capseal With Aluminum Ring For Hex Head Visegrip Bungs

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This Plastic capseal with Aluminum ring has a white plastic cap which is self gasketing. And it has an Aluminum ring which can be crimped using a Pneumatic or Manual crimping tool.  It is compatible to steel and plastic drums and other containers having 2" (50mm) hexagon head bungs and flange of Rieke Visegrip & Poly Visegrip type. (Not for Visegrip II bungs)

Dimensions : The outer diameter of Aluminum ring is 3.53 inch (90 mm) and total height (cap + ring) of capseal is 0.56 inch (14 mm) approximate.

Specification : Cap is made from LDPE (Low density Polyethylene) and ring is made of Aluminum sheet for optimum sealing result. The LDPE cap itself forms a gasket when this capseal is crimped on a drum flange, thereby giving a full contact and leak-proof sealing result.  The Aluminum ring has to be destroyed before its removal, thereby ensuring full security of the drum content against adulteration and theft. 

Features : This drum capseal is self gasketing and has aluminum ring for easy tear-off.

Usage : This drum cap-seal can be applied on steel, plastic HDPE and composite drums with our pneumatic and manual crimping tools.