Aluminum Wrench For Plastic Screw Caps With Steel Handle

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This aluminum wrench has built in steel handle and is custom designed for plastic screw caps. It can be used to open and tighten the plastic screw caps. Customer needs to provide a sample or external dimensions of their plastic cap.

Standard sizes are 45mm, 50mm, 51mm, 60mm, 61mm, 65mm.

Compatible to DIN 45, DIN 50, DIN 51, DIN 60 and DIN 61 plastic screw caps.

Can be custom made for any other size as per customer requirement.

Specifications : Rugged extruded aluminum body with steel handle.

Feature : Light weight for ease of use.

Usage : Operator needs to keep the screw cap on the container. Then place the wrench on the cap and start tightening (or opening) it using the steel handle. It can also be used as cap opener.