Pneumatic Bung Wrench (Bung Tightener / Opener) - For Plastic Drum Plugs

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This Pneumatic Bung Wrench (Bung Tightener / Bung Opener) has spark resistant or steel head and is designed for use on Plastic HDPE drums and barrels as per customer requirement. Customer has to provide sample plug or plug drawing for confirming plug dimensions.

Specifications : The pneumatic plug wrench has high grade aluminum body, hardened steel internal parts, light weight and maintenance free, rugged and ergonomic design for ease of use.

Features : The pneumatic plug wrench has reversible operation for opening and closing the plugs. It can be easily hung on a spring balancer assembly.

Usage : To begin with, the operator sets the direction of rotation (closing / opening) and then place the pneumatic drum bung wrench on the drum plug and press the palm switch. The tool will get activated and it will tighten / open the drum plug as per direction set. Hence, on reversing the direction on the drum plug wrench, it can be used as drum bung closer and opener.

Note : Operator should use the pneumatic drum bung wrench (tightener) on the drum bung / drum plug for which it is designed. Use of gloves is recommended while using the pneumatic bung wrench (drum bung tightener / drum bung opener)